Sneezing - A Common Problem that Could be Asthma Related

Asthma is an illness that reduces the function of the respiratory system. It does so by narrowing the airways within our lungs and making it much harder for air to pass through them. Asthma sufferers have to deal with a wide range of different symptoms that are caused by their asthma, and these symptoms are usually enough to lead a doctor towards a diagnosis. One symptom of asthma that isn't usually enough to suggest asthma on its own is sneezing. However, asthma sufferers will quickly notice that they sneeze far more frequently than other people do. This is because in many cases their asthma will actually trigger bouts of sneezing.

It may surprise you to discover that sneezing is one of the many asthma symptoms, but it truly is. There's an obvious reason for this, of course, and when you understand it it's easy to see just why so many sufferers of asthma find themselves sneezing regularly. Basically, asthma affects the same portions of the body that a cold does. In most cases it impacts the previously mentioned airways, but can directly and indirectly affect other respiratory functions including the sinuses. Through the irritation caused by the inflammation that asthma causes, the body will try to clear the airways in numerous ways. One of these ways is sneezing.

Sneezing is essentially one of the body's ways to expel whatever is trapped in the airways or to eliminate irritants within the mucus membranes. Since asthma can play a big part in these different body parts, the body will register the issues caused by the asthma as being an irritant or an obstruction and will try to clear these irritants through a sneeze. Obviously, sneezing won't be able to eliminate the irritants in the least and that is why sneezing is a common recurring issue among those who suffer from asthma. The body won't stop recognizing the asthma issues as irritants or obstructions and will keep trying to expel them from the airways with no success.

Obviously using medications to control your asthma can reduce the amount of sneezing that occurs. And many people don't necessarily suffer from regular bouts of sneezing as a symptom of their asthma. Those who do will likely want to keep it under control as best they can, and the only real way to do so is to manage their asthma properly. Sneezing isn't one of the most serious symptoms you'll deal with from your asthma, but it is still one that you should be aware of.