Dry Cough - An Asthma Symptom

Asthma is one of the oldest and most serious conditions that you can have, and knowing how to identify the possible existence of it is important. A dry cough is one of the more common symptoms to watch for, and when it is combined with other symptoms or left on its own it may be reason enough to seek out a medical opinion. Left to itself, asthma can eventually lead to a reduced quality of life and even death. With the right steps taken towards treatment, it is much easier to manage the problem. But first you'll have to identify the issue, and a dry cough is the first sign.

A dry cough, as mentioned, is one of the main symptoms that could suggest you're suffering from asthma. It is essentially nothing but a regularly occurring cough that persists for a period of time with no phlegm production. The frequency of the dry cough can vary greatly as can its duration and intensity. Additionally, it may become harder to breath during the coughing spell, just before it, and immediately after it. While it isn't quite an asthma 'attack' it is still one of the precursors to one and is a sign that asthma may be a factor.

If you're experiencing a dry cough that fits this description, you may have asthma. Asthma is essentially a narrowing of the airways within the lung. The airways swell, restricting the airflow entering the lungs and making it much harder to breath. Depending on the situation, it can also trigger the dry cough that usually accompanies asthma. The specific causes for a cough suggest that it is the body's natural reaction when trying to clear obstructions in the airway. In the case of asthma, the body is trying to keep the airways clear but is incapable of doing so since nothing is really blocking them that can be cleared, hence the absence of phlegm.

Asthma can be controlled through various medications, and avoiding certain issues that can exacerbate the problem. When a dry cough creeps up on you, the physical act of coughing can cause you to have even more trouble breathing, creating a vicious circle that can be terrifying and dangerous. If you suspect that you may be suffering from asthma you shouldn't hesitate to visit your physician for a more complete diagnosis. In this case your life may very well depend upon it.