Sensation of Suffocation - A Terrifying Symptom of Asthma

Most people are at least moderately aware of what asthma is and what it affects. Most don't realize that it is among the most common health conditions in the world, with over three hundred million people dealing with it daily. It's also a growing concern and the number of asthma cases has been on the rise since the seventies. With all of that in mind, knowing what kind of symptoms occur with asthma or with an asthma attack is important. Understanding what kind of problems can occur will help you know what to expect and know how to recognize that it could be time to visit your physician for a diagnosis.

Most people are well aware of the common symptoms that occur with asthma, but those that happen during an acute asthma attack are among the most terrifying regardless of whether you know they'll happen or not. The most prevalent is simply a sensation of suffocation, and it is as frightening as it is dangerous. Basically, this aspect of an asthma attack is one that can lead to serious injury and even death if left unchecked so it is important to understand what causes it and how to overcome it when possible.

The sensation of suffocation is caused when the passages in your lungs become severely inflamed. Asthma general causes these passages to narrow, but when a major asthma attack occurs the opening will narrow even more. The smaller the passageways the more profound the sensation of suffocation will be and thus the more intense your asthma attack will be. In severe cases the air passageways will narrow so tightly that unconsciousness, brain damage, and death can occur. That's why controlling your asthma on a daily basis is so important and why staying calm in the event of an asthma attack is as well.

When you control asthma through medications and other treatment options the severity of asthma attacks and their frequency will be greatly reduced. Still, the sensation of suffocation can be incredibly dangerous and frightening. If you experience it you need to try your best to stay calm and use your emergency inhaler to open up the airways in your lungs. Asthma is a very serious condition and the sensation of suffocation you may experience can be tremendously dangerous and upsetting. But there are numerous steps that you can remember if you want to ensure the best possible chance of avoiding an attack or overcoming one when it occurs.