Night or Morning Difficulties - Asthma Related Problems

Having asthma is one of the more serious issues you can face, health-wise. While today's medical advances have made it easier to treat asthma through things like medications and treatments, there is still no way to completely eliminate the condition or the various symptoms that it can cause. If you think you may have asthma then a number of symptoms will certainly help you determine if you should visit a doctor or not. And if you already have asthma, knowing these different problems will help you learn just whether or not a particular issue is related to your asthma. For many, the biggest asthma symptoms are severe difficulties in the night or early morning hours.

In most cases this is indicative of nocturnal asthma, but even those with regular asthma will find that the night and morning are the two most difficult times of day for them. Breathing difficulty, pounding heart rates, coughing, and a tightness of the chest all combine to form the most common morning and night symptoms of asthma and can create a very real issue for the millions who suffer from asthma. There are a few reasons that the night and morning hours can be difficult for those with asthma.

One of the key reasons that asthma symptoms may include seriously hard to deal with nights or mornings is that your body's hormone levels change during these time periods. These hormonal changes can cause your airways to react more sensitively to the inflammation that asthma causes and thus trigger the dreaded issues that can plague an asthma sufferer. Added exposure to certain allergens could also play a role in this, as could a cooling of the airways that occurs as you start to rest. Even the act of lying on your back may play a role if you suffer from GERD.

If you've started to notice that your mornings and nights are becoming hard to deal with then you may need to see a physician to determine if you're suffering from asthma or not. It's one thing not to be a morning person, but quite another if you're struggling to breathe or having uncontrollable coughing fits during the morning and nighttime hours. It could be a sign that asthma is playing a role in your life, and getting help as soon as possible is important if you want to regain the upper hand and feel better. You don't have to dread going to sleep or waking up, and modern medicine can help ensure that you don't.