Abnormal Breathing Patterns - Asthma Issues

With over three hundred million sufferers around the world and more than twenty three million right here in America alone, asthma is one of the most common medical issues on the planet. Unlike other types of medical conditions its prevalence has actually increased over the last forty years. Asthma is also a very serious issue that can cause a number of major medical problems including things like unconsciousness, brain damage, and even death in severe cases. More than two hundred and fifty thousand deaths are caused by asthma each year, a fact that highlights its dangers.

With so many different issues connected to asthma, diagnosing the problem is important for anyone to do. One of the key ways to do so is by knowing all of the symptoms, but there are many different asthma symptoms and many can be linked to other issues. Only a doctor can make a concrete diagnosis, but abnormal breathing patterns are certainly among the more common symptoms of the condition. These may be a regularly occurring issue that happens on a chronic basis or could simply accompany flare ups known as asthma attacks. Either way, abnormal breathing patterns can be one of the many signs that asthma may be an issue for you.

There are a few different specific types of abnormal breathing patterns that might occur when you have asthma. In most cases it is a matter of exhalations taking much longer than inhalations. Asthma causes the air ducts within your lungs to narrow through chronic inflammation, and when this occurs it can make it much more difficult to breathe. If the passageway leading out is narrowed in a major way but the one leading in is only slightly narrowed, then it makes perfect sense as to just why these abnormal breathing patterns are such a regular symptom of asthma.

Abnormal breathing patterns are one of the more overlooked symptoms of asthma and often aren't needed for a final diagnosis since the wide range of other symptoms often lead to a diagnosis well before they're even noticed. Still, they are indeed one of the most common symptoms you can experience when you have asthma and one that you'll likely become acutely aware of as time goes on. If you assume that you have asthma for any reason at all be sure that you pay your physician a visit as soon as you can. It's the best way to ensure that you get the upper hand on this dangerous illness.