Fatigue - A Common Issue with Asthma

By now most people are at least aware of the basic symptoms of asthma. With millions of sufferers around the world, the odds are good that you know someone dealing with the condition. There's also even a chance that you actually suffer from it yourself. Whether you're trying to determine if asthma is a problem for you or are just trying to figure out what to expect from life now that you've been diagnosed, understanding the different symptoms is important to do. Along with the common breathing related symptoms, fatigue is one of the most common problems that those with asthma will suffer from.

Fatigue due to asthma can be caused by a couple of different problems. The most common is simply that those with asthma often suffer from a serious lack of sleep. Asthma can cause restless nights and difficulty falling asleep at all, and those with asthma often find that they have to cope with the lack of sleep nightly. This can quickly contribute to fatigue and make it very difficult to manage your day to day routine or to find the energy to do anything. And the lack of sleep is only compounded by the other asthma related issue that can trigger fatigue.

Probably the most important reason asthma can trigger fatigue is in your body's oxygen levels. Every part of your body from your muscles to your organs needs oxygen in order to function properly. When oxygen levels are too low your body simply won't have the energy it needs to operate correctly. Since asthma narrows the airways and make it much more difficult to get the right levels of oxygen, your body will end up with lower levels of oxygen than it should have. This in turn will leave you feeling drained of energy and fatigued. When you combine lower oxygen levels with a lack of sleep, fatigue becomes an all-too common issue among asthma sufferers.

When you're diagnosed with asthma one of the first things your doctor will do will be to explain to you the different ways to manage your asthma. It's important that you take the time to understand exactly what is said during this time so that you will understand how to control your asthma. If you fail to do so you could spend a good portion of your life feeling too tired to enjoy yourself. Asthma is a major issue, but you don't have to let it ruin your life. Careful management can keep you breathing and feeling better than you might realize.