Exasperated Wheezing - When It's Made Worse

There are many different indicators that you could be suffering from asthma. With tens of thousands of deaths caused by asthma each year, recognizing it early is important so that you can get it under control. Exasperated wheezing is one of the biggest problems that asthma sufferers can exhibit, and you have wheezing that is brought on or made much worse by various factors then you owe it to yourself to consider getting a professional opinion on whether or not you could be dealing with asthma. It doesn't have to be a death sentence, and with the right treatment you can keep the upper hand on it.

Basically, exasperated wheezing is just what it sounds like. Numerous things can trigger asthma flare ups, and when these things occur you'll find that your breaths are labored and wheezy, most of the time to the point where very audible wheezes are heard. Things that can exasperate wheezing include physical activity, cold weather, and even heartburn. Many people who experience anxiety also find that bouts of nervousness or stress also cause their wheezing to occur. While chronic wheezing can be an issue for many, when the wheezing is made worse through physical activity, cold weather, or things like being around smoke then it's a much more concrete indicator of asthma problems.

Asthma is caused when the passages used to deliver air to your lungs narrow. This is often caused by inflammation, and in cases of exasperated wheezing the narrowing is triggered through various things. Cold air, for instance, can cause the airways to contract due to the temperature change. Physical activity will cause the body to need more air, air that won't be delivered due to the narrowed airways. And smoke can often exasperate wheezing due to the fact that it causes irritation within the airways which will narrow them further. In short, numerous things will make the wheezing all the worse.

To combat exasperated wheezing and asthma in general, a few things will be suggested by your physician. When something brings on the wheezing, you'll likely find that using an inhaler is the best option since it will help reduce the inflammation within seconds through the rapid delivery of anti-inflammatory medications. Long term preventative medicine is also regularly used and could be pills, breathing treatments, or a combination of the two. If you find that certain activities or environmental factors are triggering wheezing then you need to visit a doctor quickly so that you can determine if you're suffering from asthma. If so, getting the medicine to get it under control is of the utmost importance.