Anxiety - An Asthma Issue You'll Dread

There are many different things that can suggest that you may be suffering from asthma, and only a physician can say for sure if that is indeed what you have. But when the symptoms begin to add up, you'll quickly realize that you may need to see your doctor quickly in order to get your asthma under control. A number of different symptoms will afflict you when you have anxiety, with some being more serious than others. Some may be persistent long term issues while others could only appear with the onset of an asthma attack. Anxiety is one of the symptoms that fit into the latter category, and it can be tremendously hard to cope with.

When you have asthma, it will inflame your lung's airways and make it more difficult to breathe. It's a common, ongoing issue that can usually be managed by careful treatment and medication of the problem, usually with anti-inflammatory medications. But in some cases it is impossible to avoid an asthma attack. These are extreme flare ups of inflammation that can severely narrow or even entirely close off the airways that your lungs need to function properly. When they occur, they'll bring a number of serious symptoms with them including anxiety.

The anxiety is an issue that comes with the loss of breath and inability to get enough oxygen into the lungs. There is little that you can do to when this occurs other than to stay calm and use any emergency medications like inhalers that you may be prescribed. Anxiety itself can make it difficult to think, raise your heart rate, and contribute to confusions and even make it more difficult to breathe. In other words, staying calm is very important but one of those things that can often be difficult to do when you're struggling to find your breath.

Simply put, the anxiety that washes over you when an asthma attack occurs can be one of the worst parts of having asthma. It can take some time to subside and can trigger a wide range of other symptoms that will only exacerbate your problem. If you're an asthma sufferer then you'll want to do all that you can to prevent the flare ups of asthma attacks and to be ready when one does occur. Staying calm is difficult, and anxiety can be terrible, but it is often an unavoidable part of having asthma. At least when you can expect it you'll be somewhat better prepared to deal with it.