Difficulty with Emotional Displays - An Odd but Real Symptom of Asthma

Suffering from asthma is an ordeal, and one that can be difficult to get through at times. This medical condition affects your ability to breathe properly and will have a major impact on the amount of oxygen that you can draw into your body. This occurs through inflammation that the disease causes. Basically, your lungs utilize small passageways to draw air in and out of them, and asthma causes those passageways to become inflamed. When that occurs the airways are much narrower and thus less air can enter or exit the lungs. It can cause a number of different symptoms, but one of the most overlooked is a difficulty with strong emotional displays. Not only is it often overlooked, but it's also an extremely bothersome and frustrating symptom as well.

Strong emotional displays means heavy crying or laughing in most cases. When you consider the impact that asthma has on your ability to breathe and then realize that heavy laughter or crying can also make it difficult to breathe, the reason that this is such a common problem becomes much more obvious. Even those that suffer from only mild asthma may find that after a serious round of laughing they are in the throes of an asthma attack. Crying will have a similar effect, and the seriousness of the breathing trouble will be increased depending upon the overall intensity of the emotional display.

While this may not seem like a major issue at first glance, consider just how frustrating it can be to know that you can't allow yourself to display your emotions to their fullest. You won't be able to laugh at a great joke or cry the way you need to if a loved one passes away. Not only can this make it very difficult to adequately display your emotions, but it can also cause depression and frustration to overtake your life. An inability to truly laugh or cry as you wish to can be very hard to deal with.

There are very few solutions to this issue outside of controlling your asthma through doctor recommend treatments and medications. Catching asthma early and beginning treatment can help prevent lung damage and prevent the disease from getting worse than it may be. While other symptoms of asthma can be very difficult to manage and could have a serious effect on your overall health, the inability to display strong emotions without suffering from breathing trouble and asthma attacks can be incredibly frustrating.