Irritability - A Mentally Based Asthma Symptom

With more than three hundred million asthma sufferers around the world and their numbers growing regularly, learning the different symptoms of asthma is important. Whether you're starting to suspect that you have asthma and want to learn more before visiting your physician or already have asthma and want to understand every one of the different symptoms that can be brought on by asthma, finding out all that you can about asthma symptoms is important. There are many very common symptoms that most are aware of, but there are also many that aren't really mentioned in most asthma discussions because they are less serious. That doesn't mean that they're not worth knowing about, however, and irritability is one of the common symptoms you can expect.

To understand why irritability is so common among those with asthma, learning how asthma affects you is important. Basically it will narrow your body's air passages and make it more difficult to breathe. As a result your lungs won't get enough oxygen to oxygenate your blood, which in turn won't be able to deliver that oxygen to the various parts of your body that need it. If you know even a bit about how important oxygen is to the overall function of your entire body, including your mind, then you can see why irritability will be a common issue.

The less oxygen your brain receives the less optimally it will function. In minor cases this will manifest itself as mental changes including irritability. Other mental functions could be affected as well, but irritability is one of the more common ones. Additionally, the medications that are frequently used to control asthma usually include irritability as one of their main side effects. This combination of naturally occurring mental changes and side effects of your medications will cause irritability in varying degrees in nearly all asthma sufferers.

Controlling asthma symptoms is important because of the dangers that the condition can bring about. While focusing on the breathing issues that can cause serious complications are always your first priority, knowing that irritability could be an issue is still important and if you are expecting it you will be able to take the steps needed to reduce your irritability. Various options exist, and learning all that you can about the issue is important. Asthma can have a wide range of impacts on your body, mind, and emotions, and it's good to understand all of them in order to better cope with the condition.