Chest Pain - An Asthma Symptom

Our bodies are complex machines, and it's a sad fact that sometimes parts of them simply don't work as well as we would like. There are many different symptoms that could be indicative of a wide range of different conditions. It's important that a doctor be trusted with a final diagnosis, but there are many things that can certainly help point you towards an opinion of your own. Asthma is a serious condition, for instance, and carries a wide range of symptoms with it. Most are breathing related but what many fail to realize is that chest pain could very well be a sign of asthma as well. Again, a doctor will have to make a final diagnosis and should always be consulted about health issues.

Asthma is a narrowing of the passages in your lungs. Those passages allow air to enter the lungs and to exit from it, and when asthma occurs the passages will be much narrower and will therefore make it far more difficult for you to breathe. Along with difficulty breathing, a wide range of other symptoms may occur as a result of the asthma and can help lead you and your physician towards the diagnosis. Just a single symptom is enough for concern but when multiple ones occur, you shouldn't hesitate to find a physician for an opinion.

There are a few specific reasons that asthma can trigger chest pain. The most obvious is simply that it is an inflammation that occurs within the chest and with any type of inflammation the swelling can cause tenderness. Of course, the lack of proper oxygen reaching your lungs will also contribute to the pain and the increased workload that your heart and lungs will try to perform in order to get the right level of oxygen can all cause chest pain of varying severity to occur. You'll be able to recognize an asthma attack when it happens, and chest pain is just one symptom.

It's also worth remembering that chest pain could be indicative of a number of different things. Heart conditions, indigestion, and many other conditions may carry chest pain as a symptom as well. However, there are plenty of other symptoms that will likely present along with chest pain if it is an asthma symptom. Still, it's important that you don't make any assumptions about your health. Talk to a physician about your symptoms. A simple test will confirm or deny the presence of asthma and if you have it you will be able to find out about your different treatment and prevention options. Chest pain can be scary, and asthma can as well. But with the right care you'll be able to overcome them.